Angie Greenup accidentally turned out attractive. That's really the only way to explain her. She looks sweet and pretty and demure -- until she starts talking. And when the unpredictable and hilarious things start coming out, you start wondering where they could possibly be coming from.

Born and raised on the rough streets of Detroit (uh, suburbs), she staked her reputation early as the class clown. She had to: Angie was the chubby kid in class who quickly figured out no one would make fun of her if she made them laugh. Fortunately, her weight pretty much stayed the same as she grew two feet in middle school -- and her sense of humor stayed exactly the same.

Angie moved to Los Angeles and immediately jumped into the world of stand-up comedy. After performing everywhere from Las Vegas to a USO show in Singapore, she made the transition to hosting and has never looked back. Hosting and co-hosting credits include "Twinning" on VH1; "In the Name of Science" on Nat Geo; "It's Effin' Science" on G4; "Smash Cuts" via Paramount syndication; and "Jobs of the Damned" on FearNet. She's also made guest hosting spots everywhere, from "The Doctors" to NBC Sports to "Dr. Drew's On Call" to "Attack of the Show" to the TV Guide Network. In 2013 she hosted the Oscars' "Oscar Roadtrip", traveling to special events all over the country on a tour bus with an Oscar, culminating on ABC's red carpet preshow. Angie also hosts, films, edits and markets her own YouTube show, "Love, Food & Money," where she entertains her ever-growing audience with her videos.

In her down time, Angie loves the vicious cycle of eating a lot and then working out a lot, playing with her dogs, and basically any other dog that will let her, and seeking out the best grilled cheese in Los Angeles. She is married and lives in Los Angeles with her hilarious, super smart and handsome writer/blogger husband, Sam.